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the dance floor is a sacred space:

be here. no outside shoes.

be free. dance how you want. no judgement.

be present. no phones. no cameras.

be clear. no intoxicants.

be embodied. no talking.

be consensual. if it’s not a clear yes, it’s a no.

Consent is important. If you haven’t already, please educate yourself about consent here.


 When we step on the dance floor, we include our whole selves, even the frightened parts that want to hide. We dance through pain and sorrow. We dance with joy until our hard edges soften and our masks fall away. We meet other courageous dancers, weaving unbreakable threads of connection. Our friendships transcend the boundaries of time and space. And it all melts together–beat, movement, breath–into a swirling vortex we call community. As the throbbing pulse of the dance floor matches our own heartbeat, we know, without a doubt, we are not alone.

How it works

You can arrive at anytime during the event. 

A yoga or movement class takes place to open up which then transitions into a freeform dance journey facilitated by our guest DJ's. 

At the end of the set we close with some sound healing or group exercise to ground and complete the experience.

What happens on the dance floor?


People of all walks of life, shapes and sizes are welcome to dance however they please. We ask that all honor the shared space and one another.

The main guidelines are that we dance barefoot and refrain from speaking on the dance floor.